AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysbump for 4.18.3Ingo Bürk
11 daysBump before upcoming releaseIngo Bürk
2020-07-26bump for 4.18.2Ingo Bürk
2020-02-18bump for release 4.18Ingo Bürk
2019-08-304.17.1Ingo Bürk
2019-08-04bump 4.17Ingo Bürk
2019-01-29bump againIngo Bürk
2019-01-29bumpIngo Bürk
2018-12-03BumpIngo Bürk
2018-11-04release 4.16Ingo Bürk
2018-03-19Fixed due to patch versionIngo Bürk
2018-03-104.15Ingo Bürk
2018-03-09bumpIngo Bürk
2018-01-15bumpIngo Bürk
2017-09-24bumpIngo Bürk
2017-09-08Bump for i3bar fixIngo Bürk
2017-09-044.14Ingo Bürk
2017-08-20bumpIngo Bürk
2017-05-23pushIngo Bürk
2017-05-15bumpIngo Bürk
2017-05-03Push for bug fixesIngo Bürk
2017-04-28bumpIngo Bürk
2017-01-14bumpIngo Bürk
2017-01-11push for fixed crash dialogIngo Bürk
2017-01-03bump for memory leak fixIngo Bürk
2016-11-084.13Ingo Bürk
2016-11-03Update for memory leak fixesIngo Bürk
2016-11-03Disable sanitizers for stability and performance.Ingo Bürk
2016-10-25Update for autotoolsIngo Bürk
2016-10-04bump after important bugfixIngo Bürk
2016-09-27bumpIngo Bürk
2016-09-14bumpIngo Bürk
2016-06-22bumpIngo Bürk
2016-05-08added dependencyIngo Bürk
2016-05-08bumpIngo Bürk
2016-04-20Added conflictIngo Bürk
2016-04-20Quote variablesIngo Bürk
2016-03-064.12Ingo Bürk
2015-10-02Switched to xcb-util-cursorIngo Bürk
2015-09-30Fixed tagIngo Bürk
2015-09-304.11Ingo Bürk
2015-09-08push to 4.10.4Ingo Bürk
2015-07-304.10.3Ingo Bürk
2015-06-08Initial import of i3-gaps-next-gitIngo Bürk