AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-22updated to 3.7.1jahway603
2021-04-02Update to v3.7.0jahway603
2021-02-26Update to v3.6.3jahway603
2021-02-24Update to v3.6.2jahway603
2021-02-21minor changejahway603
2021-02-20rewrote PKGBUILD to be less linesjahway603
2021-01-27Update to v3.6.1jahway603
2021-01-12hard coded autoconf 2.69 as v2.70 breaks the compilationjahway603
2020-12-24Update to v3.6.0jahway603
2020-10-27Update to v3.5.2jahway603
2020-10-06Update to v3.5.1jahway603
2020-10-03minor change - removed pkgconf from makedepends array as it is already instal...jahway603
2020-09-26added man pages to PKGBUILDjahway603
2020-09-25Update to v3.5.0jahway603
2020-05-06updated method of installation and location of filesjahway603
2020-05-05Updated makedepends to include missing deps and remove already installed depsjahway603
2020-05-05Initial Hush3 AUR pkg Version 3.3.2jahway603