AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-01Fix srcinfo and remove myself as a maintainerSam Whited
2019-02-01Fix dependenciesSam Whited
2019-01-21Fix maintainer commentSam Whited
2018-12-24Add man pagesSam Whited
2018-12-13Trigger an update to v0.52Sam Whited
2018-11-23Respect LDFLAGSSam Whited
2018-11-23Fix .SRCINFOSam Whited
2018-11-23Embed commit hash in binarySam Whited
2018-11-23Update and simplify packageSam Whited
2018-07-15update SRCINFOBrian Clemens
2018-07-15adopt packageBrian Clemens
2015-11-26License changeArtem Vorotnikov
2015-11-26Version bumpArtem Vorotnikov
2015-09-06Version fixArtem Vorotnikov
2015-08-09Use LATEST as PKGBUILD versionArtem Vorotnikov
2015-06-08Initial importArtem Vorotnikov