AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-01Remove moving non-existent directory.Florian Lindner
2017-09-30Update SRCINFO and version information.Florian Lindner
2017-09-30Building with clang seems to work just fine.Florian Lindner
2017-09-30Add kio and solid missing dependenciesFlorian Lindner
2017-09-30Do not remove the iconsFlorian Lindner
2017-09-30Change build processFlorian Lindner
2017-09-30Use another method to determine the version.Florian Lindner
2017-09-30Change maintainer information.Florian Lindner
2017-07-13force gcc toolchainJon Gjengset
2017-07-03Initial releaseJon Gjengset