AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-21chore(Version): bump to v1.4.0.5Alex Tharp
2018-08-07chore(Version): bump to v1.4.0.4Alex Tharp
2018-07-11chore(Version): bump to v1.4.0.3Alex Tharp
2018-07-08chore(Hiri): bump to v1.4.0.2Alex Tharp
2018-06-14chore(Version): bump to v1.4.0.1Alex Tharp
2018-03-05fix(pkgrel): sync (my brain dumb)Alex Tharp
2018-03-05fix(pkgrel): syncAlex Tharp
2018-03-05chore(Version): bump to v1.3.6.1Alex Tharp
2018-01-05fix(makedepends): provide correct dependencyAlex Tharp
2018-01-05chore(Version): bump to v1.3.5.0Alex Tharp
2017-10-16chore(Version): bump to v1.3.0.0Alex Tharp
2017-10-11refactor: remove unnecessary dependencies, add supported MimeType to desktop ...Alex Tharp
2017-10-10Upgrade to v1.2.3.0, switch to license from Hiri servers, small refactors to ...Alex Tharp
2016-11-08Updated to version and fixed download URLJulian Jacques Maurer
2016-10-26Better ,desktop fileJulian Jacques Maurer
2016-10-26Initial commit for the Hiri packageJulian Jacques Maurer