AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-12-04updated to RGS 7.7 from 7.5.0mostlyharmless
2018-07-21only update necessary was new source filemostlyharmless
2017-10-21minor directory change to 7.4.0mostlyharmless
2017-05-21added dependecy on dmidecodemostlyharmless
2017-05-20updated to
2017-05-20updated 7.3.2mostlyharmless
2017-05-20Brought Receiver up to 7.3.2, changed 64 biy hp binary rgsmbioreader for ↵mostlyharmless
dmidecode script, as hp binary is broken on newer kernels.
2016-06-08Initial commit HP RGS Receivermostlyharmless