AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysfix build, deps and bump versionGreyson Christoforo
2019-10-27upgrade to 3.1.0Georgios Eleftheriou
2019-02-06changed dependency to hdf5-javaGeorgios Eleftheriou
2018-10-16workaround for java 10Georgios Eleftheriou
2018-10-04fixed a wrong checksumGeorgios Eleftheriou
2018-10-04upgraded to 3.0Georgios Eleftheriou
2018-06-11force rebuild due to hdf-java upgradeGeorge Eleftheriou
2017-10-24Wrapper script now accepting command line argumentsGeorge Eleftheriou
2017-10-20modified description and dependenciesGeorge Eleftheriou
2017-10-19removed unnecessary sed from prepare()George Eleftheriou
2017-10-18including the wrapper/launcher script in the sourcesGeorge Eleftheriou
2017-10-17fixed broken link errorGeorge Eleftheriou
2017-10-17initial commitGeorge Eleftheriou