AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-15Updated to v1.3.1James Bunton
2019-11-17Bump to v1.3.0 and sync from main Arch packageJames Bunton
2019-03-02Updated to v1.2.2James Bunton
2019-02-23Updated to v1.2.1James Bunton
2019-01-16Bump version to v1.2.0James Bunton
2018-09-11Updated to 1.1.2James Bunton
2018-08-18Updated to 1.1.1-2 - sync from main Arch packageJames Bunton
2018-06-26Updated SRCINFOJames Bunton
2018-06-25Updated to 1.1.1James Bunton
2018-04-15Updated to 1.1.0James Bunton
2018-01-26Fixed download locationJames Bunton
2018-01-14Upstream syncJames Bunton
2017-04-17Update SRCINFOJames Bunton
2017-04-17Upstream: libass, libbluray and x265 rebuildJames Bunton
2017-04-13Match version with normal packageJames Bunton
2017-04-12Updated to 1.0.7James Bunton
2017-03-05Update to 1.0.3, update dependencies from upstreamJames Bunton
2017-02-02Update SRCINFOJames Bunton
2017-02-02Updated to 1.0.2James Bunton
2017-01-01Update to 1.0.1, use static linking as upstreamJames Bunton
2016-12-29Updated SRCINFOJames Bunton
2016-12-29Sync patches from main Handbrake packageJames Bunton
2016-12-28Update to 1.0.0James Bunton
2016-05-29Fix for gcc6James Bunton
2016-05-01Track changes from 0.10.5-2James Bunton
2016-02-22Rename package and add fdkaac supportJames Bunton
2016-02-22Initial import from community repoJames Bunton