AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-20http -> httpsBuildTools
2021-05-20Added disable-openexr.patchBuildTools
2021-03-20Returned pygtk to dependenciesBuildTools
2021-03-18Removed libuniqu eand pygtk from dependenciesAskhat
2021-02-13Updated to 2.58Askhat
2021-01-28Updated to 2.57Askhat
2020-07-06Removed gconf from makedependsAskhat
2020-07-03Updated to 2.56Askhat
2019-11-04Updated to 2.55Askhat
2019-09-07Updated to 2.54Askhat
2019-07-28Added patch to fix compilation with GCC 9Askhat
2019-03-06Updated to 2.53Askhat
2018-12-15Updated to 2.52Askhat
2018-07-14Updated to 2.51Askhat
2018-02-04Updated to 2.50Askhat
2017-08-20Updated to 2.49Askhat
2017-05-03Updated to 2.48Askhat Bakarov
2016-11-29Updated to 2.47Askhat Bakarov
2016-10-24Dependencies correctionAskhat Bakarov
2016-10-24Updated to 2.46Askhat Bakarov
2016-04-28Updated to 2.45Askhat Bakarov
2016-01-14Updated to 2.44Askhat Bakarov
2015-12-02Update to 2.43Askhat Bakarov
2015-10-08Update to rev. 2.42Askhat Bakarov
2015-06-10Initial importAskhat Bakarov