AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-18Fix libwebsocketsJoan Figueras
2020-02-011.1.0Joan Figueras
2020-01-01Changed RDP optdepend to freerdp-1.1.0Joan Figueras
2019-01-18Remove some things unnecessaryJoan Figueras
2019-01-161.0.0Joan Figueras
2018-05-25Fix build with new ffmpegJoan Figueras
2018-01-260.9.14Joan Figueras
2017-10-15Added a note and optdepends to let know that at least 1 monospace font is req...Figue
2017-07-23Added armv7h architectureJoan Figueras
2017-06-07GCC 7.1.1 workaroundJoan Figueras
2017-05-09Rebuild against openssl-1.0. Also, removed freerdp dependency for now, it is ...Joan Figueras
2017-04-120.9.12 - fixed checksumsJoan Figueras
2017-04-120.9.12Joan Figueras
2017-02-09Update maintainerJoan Figueras
2017-02-09Removed install script. Should be only in guacamole-clientJoan Figueras
2017-02-09Added a post_upgrade messageJoan Figueras
2017-02-09Updated to 0.9.11. Webapp name changed to guacamole-incubatingJoan Figueras
2016-09-03Moved systemctl service to /usr/lib/systemd/systemBlack_Codec
2016-06-26switch to freerdp instead of freerdp-gitBlack_Codec
2016-05-12Makedep freerdp-gitBlack_Codec
2016-05-12Makedep freerdpBlack_Codec
2016-05-12Added CPPFLAGS="-Wno-error=pedantic" on configureBlack_Codec
2016-03-04Update to 0.9.9 patched. Now use freerdp-gitBlack_Codec
2015-12-24Update to 0.9.9Black_Codec
2015-09-12Removed uuid from make its required nowBlack_Codec
2015-09-12Update 0.9.8: Multiple auth extensions, file browsing, VNC audio and file tra...Black_Codec
2015-07-09Upgrade to 0.9.7 also srcinfoBlackCodec
2015-07-09Update to 0.9.7BlackCodec
2015-06-08Initial importBlackCodec