AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-033.24.29-2Mark Wagie
2021-04-233.24.29Mark Wagie
2021-04-123.24.28-4Mark Wagie
2021-04-103.24.28-2Mark Wagie
2021-03-273.24.28Mark Wagie
2021-03-16fix typoMark Wagie
2021-03-153.24.27-4Mark Wagie
2021-03-133.24.27-3Mark Wagie
2021-03-123.24.27Mark Wagie
2021-02-233.24.26Mark Wagie
2021-02-20remove settings.iniMark Wagie
2021-02-203.24.25-2: FS#69705 backport a commitMark Wagie
2021-02-133.24.25Mark Wagie
2020-07-02Update to GTK+ 3.24.21Jeija
2020-04-28Update to GTK+ 3.24.20Jeija
2020-04-15Update to GTK+ 3.24.18Jeija
2020-03-31Update to GTK+ 3.24.16Jeija
2020-01-27Update to GTK+ 3.24.13Jeija
2019-10-30Update to GTK+ 3.24.12+32+g39e28ab933Jeija
2019-10-12Update to GTK+ 3.24.12Jeija
2019-09-08Update to GTK+ 3.24.11Jeija
2019-07-14Update to GTK+ 3.24.10Jeija
2019-04-26Update to GTK+ 3.24.8Jeija
2019-04-02Fix build issue due to upstream commit ID changeJeija
2019-03-24Update to GTK+ 3.24.7Jeija
2019-02-01Update to GTK+ 3.24.4Jeija
2018-09-18Update to GTK+ 3.24.0Jeija
2018-04-01Update commit and remove libcloudproviders dependencyJeija
2018-03-27Update to GTK+ 3.22.29Jeija
2018-01-05Remove hardcoded parallel job countJeija
2017-12-02Provide gtk3-print-backends, add a missing patchJeija
2017-11-08Update to GTK+ 3.22.26Jeija
2017-10-11Update to GTK+ 3.22.24Jeija
2017-09-10Update to GTK+ 3.22.19Jeija
2017-08-12Update to GTK+ 3.22.18Jeija
2017-05-14Update to GTK+ 3.22.15Jeija
2017-03-07Update to GTK+ 3.22.9Jeija
2017-01-25Update to GTK+ 3.22.7Jeija
2016-12-19Update to GTK+ 2.22.5Jeija
2016-11-15Update to GTK+ 2.22.3Jeija
2016-10-12Update to GTK+ 3.22.1Jeija
2016-06-25Update to GTK+ 3.20.6Jeija
2016-05-21Update to GTK+ 3.20.5Jeija
2016-05-12Update to GTK+ 3.20.4Jeija
2016-04-13Update to GTK+ 3.20.3Jeija
2016-04-10Update to GTK+ 3.20.2Jeija
2016-03-19Update to GTK+ 3.18.9Jeija
2016-02-27Update to GTK+ 3.18.8Jeija
2016-01-31Update to GTK+ 3.18.7Jeija
2016-01-14Use $pkgver instead of explicitly specifying the version in providesJeija