AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-24update checksums to match releaseFerdinand Bachmann
2021-05-22update versionFerdinand Bachmann
2020-09-10new releaseFerdinand Bachmann
2018-09-13update version and switch to sha256sumsFerdinand Bachmann
2017-08-10Pull from AURFerdinand Bachmann
2017-08-10new releaseFerdinand Bachmann
2017-04-29update to release 20170429theFerdi265
2016-09-20remove makedepends on make because it doesn't use ittheFerdi265
2016-09-20Fix damn PKGBUILD for updatestheFerdi265
2016-09-20add md5sumtheFerdi265
2016-09-20use newer versiontheFerdi265
2016-09-20add the damn source infotheFerdi265
2016-09-19move from old_master, use rebuild of themetheFerdi265
2015-11-22Added some color improvements to the dark themeDag Robøle
2015-11-22Added dark themeDag Robøle
2015-08-12Initial commitDag Robøle