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2017-01-07Secure and clean up PKGBUILDs (https, sha512sums)Gordian Edenhofer
* Switch to https wherever possible * Use unique source names where applicable (e.g. not *-git packages) * Switch to sha512sums everywhere * Update URL if necessary upgpkg: certbot-git 0.8.1.r25.gaa4a263-1 upgpkg: certbot-plugins-git 0.8.1.r25.gaa4a263-1 upgpkg: cuberite 1.9.4-6 upgpkg: electricfence 2.2.4-1 upgpkg: fakepkg 1.40.2-1 upgpkg: gnome-shell-theme-copernico-git 15.73fa7ca-1 upgpkg: gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors-git 238.ca44e2f-4 upgpkg: grive 0.5.0-5 upgpkg: grive-git 434.7bbb01c-2 upgpkg: gtk-theme-iris-dark-git 107.3468e91-1 upgpkg: gtk-theme-iris-light-git 105.aca7c34-1 upgpkg: letshelp-certbot-git 0.8.1.r25.gaa4a263-1 upgpkg: libinput-gestures-git r21.db6b688-1 upgpkg: luv-icon-theme-git 0.4.r82.g961ba1f-1 upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.11.2-2 upgpkg: mt7610u_sta-dkms-git r25.5f01636-1 upgpkg: munge 0.5.12-1 upgpkg: munge-git 1040.1d12405-1 upgpkg: paper-gtk-theme-git 299.cecb923-1 upgpkg: pcc 1.1.0-1 upgpkg: pcc-libs 1.1.0-1 upgpkg: python-acme-git 0.8.1.r25.gaa4a263-1 upgpkg: routersploit 2.2.1-1 upgpkg: routersploit-git 2.2.1.r0.gf5b7619-1 upgpkg: semt 1.1.1-1 upgpkg: unity-editor-bin 5.5.0p1+20161220-1 upgpkg: zoom 2.0.75971.1216-1
2016-08-09upgpkg: gtk-theme-iris-dark-git 107.3468e91-1Gordian Edenhofer
* Provide a specific version instead of just the general package. * Leave srcdir mostly unchanged.
2016-05-01Change email address to GmailGordian Edenhofer
Gmail has been my main email address for a couple of years and the address is merely my spam mail. Since I trust Google spam filers and have a certain aversion for yahoo mail, I am switching.
2016-03-23Upgpkg: 106.5bc5245-1Gordian Edenhofer
Make depends optdepends since it might be desirable to only support one gtk version and not both.
2016-03-03Upgpkg: 106.5bc5245-1Gordian Edenhofer
2016-02-03Upgpkg: 102.cfd7f02-1Gordian Edenhofer
Changelog shell not be an array.
2015-12-13Indentation: Use tabs everywhereGordian Edenhofer
2015-12-11Upgpkg: 94.6af34fd-1Gordian Edenhofer
2015-11-14Update pkgver + add non-git to conflictsGordian Edenhofer
2015-06-08updated pkgverGordian Edenhofer
2015-05-23initial commitGordian Edenhofer