AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-17Polished little bit more build dependencies.Josef Vybíhal
Tested build in clean vanilla environment.
2020-12-16Added build deps and libappindicator-gtk3 as dependencyJosef Vybíhal
Created prepare() function.
2020-12-16Fix buildJosef Vybíhal
2020-12-16Release 1.3.7Josef Vybíhal
Switched from GtkStatusIcon to AppIndicator for the docklet menu. Various UI Improvements: Tooltips for everything in the tunnel properties window. ~/.ssh/config is scanned to compile a list of preset hosts. Private key field expanded to better show a file path, and a 'Locate Key' button has been added. Statusbar in main window now shows the entire ssh command string used to launch the tunnel, to aid in debugging. Port forwarding window now allows a bind_address to be specified. Bugfixes: Fixed compiling with -fno-common (the new default with GCC10). Plugged multiple memory leaks identified by valgrind.
2020-06-05Version bump, temporarily switched to specific commit that fixes building ↵Josef Vybíhal
with GCC 10 (#13) until new release tag is made.
2020-04-01gSTM v1.3.5.1: The not-really release.Josef Vybíhal
2020-03-28gSTM v1.3.4 released on Nov 3, 2019Josef Vybíhal
2019-09-09Updated conflictsJosef Vybíhal
2019-09-09Added gitignore and clean.shJosef Vybíhal
2019-07-30Replaced hardcoded version string in source url with pkgver variableJosef Vybíhal
2019-04-30Drop libgnomeui dependencyJosef Vybíhal
2019-04-26Few more dependenciesJosef Vybíhal
2019-04-26Updated to GTK3 version by Dallen WilsonJosef Vybíhal
2017-03-12Fix depends opensshJosef Vybíhal
2017-03-12Added openssh dependencyJosef Vybíhal
2017-02-23Change pkgrel from 2 to 3Josef Vybíhal
2017-02-23Maintainer changeJosef Vybíhal
2015-08-18Initial submission to new AUR.Jeff Henson