AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-30update to 1.27Dan Johansen
2020-08-23update to 1.26Dan Johansen
2020-07-26update to 1.25Dan Johansen
2020-07-16update to 1.24Dan Johansen
2020-02-22updated to 1.23Dan Johansen
2020-01-31updated to 1.22Dan Johansen
2019-12-30updated to 1.21Dan Johansen
2019-12-14updated to 1.20Dan Johansen
2019-11-01updated to 1.17Dan Johansen
2019-09-26updated to 1.16.1Dan Johansen
2019-02-16added mesa-demos dependency for glxinfo. Thanks settynessStrit
2018-12-27updated to 1.15Strit
2018-10-01updated to 1.14Strit
2018-09-17replaced vulkan-validation-layer with vulkan-toolsStrit
2018-07-22updated to 1.13Strit
2018-06-10updated to 1.12Strit
2018-05-21updated to 1.11Strit
2018-04-22updated to 1.10Strit
2018-04-15updated to 1.9Strit
2018-03-24updated to 1.8Strit
2018-03-15fix wrong source urlStrit
2018-03-14updated to 1.7Strit
2018-02-05updated to 1.6Strit
2018-01-13updated to 1.5Strit
2018-01-08updated to 1.4Strit
2017-12-20updated to 1.3, added clinfo to dependenciesStrit
2017-12-04made vulkan-validation-layers a dependency and added vulkan-intel to opt depe...Strit
2017-12-02updated to 1.2aStrit
2017-11-24updated to 1.1bStrit
2017-11-12fix symlink, project link and vulkaninfo dependencyStrit
2017-11-12initial commit, version 1.1aStrit