AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-07Update dependencies for latest version.Brian Allred
2018-02-27Add wget dependency.Brian Allred
2017-02-12Fix build script.Brian Allred
2016-10-16Bump to 4.0.0.Brian Allred
2016-09-27Fix path to image file.Brian Allred
2016-08-25Fix desktop launcher name.Brian Allred
2016-08-19Bump to 3.5.0.Brian Allred
2016-08-12Bump to 3.4.3Brian Allred
2016-07-18Remove Mac dependency to fix build.Brian Allred
2016-07-033.3.0Brian Allred
2016-06-19Update commit.Brian Allred
2016-06-07Fix desktop file.Brian Allred
2016-05-30For real.Brian Allred
2016-05-30Fix conflicts and replaces for goodBrian Allred
2016-05-30Fix conflicts.Brian Allred
2016-05-30Rename to gpmdp-git. Fix desktop file.Brian Allred
2016-03-06Forgot .SRCINFO...Kevin Minehart
2016-03-06Missed an underscore.Kevin Minehart
2016-03-06Initialized repository.Kevin Minehart