AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-07Fix namcap detected dependency issuesBrian Allred
2020-01-064.7.1Brian Allred
2019-12-17Update to 4.7 alphaBrian Allred
2019-03-26Hopefully fix dock icon issue.Brian Allred
2018-07-144.6.1Brian Allred
2018-06-25Update GTK dependency.Brian Allred
2018-06-244.6.0Brian Allred
2018-02-27Add wget dependency.Brian Allred
2018-01-304.5.0 srcinfoBrian Allred
2018-01-304.5.0Brian Allred
2017-08-28Bump to 4.4.1.Brian Allred
2017-07-23Bump to 4.4.0.Brian Allred
2017-04-25Bump to 4.3.0. Fix install script.Brian Allred
2017-03-034.2.0Brian Allred
2017-01-03Fix pkgver in srcinfo.Brian Allred
2017-01-03Add .install for instructions on enabling Chromecast support. Add nss-mdns as...Brian Allred
2016-12-114.0.5. Add avahi as opt-depend.Brian Allred
2016-12-044.0.4Brian Allred
2016-11-144.0.3Brian Allred
2016-11-04Bump to 4.0.2.Brian Allred
2016-10-17Bump to 4.0.1.Brian Allred
2016-10-16Bump to 4.0.0.Brian Allred
2016-09-08Bump to 3.6.0Brian Allred
2016-08-19Bump to 3.5.0.Brian Allred
2016-08-12Bump to 3.4.3Brian Allred
2016-08-07Bump to 3.4.0.Brian Allred
2016-07-033.3.0Brian Allred
2016-06-19Update to 3.2.5. Fix Desktop file.Brian Allred
2016-05-30For real.Brian Allred
2016-05-30Update provides and conflicts.Brian Allred
2016-05-30Fix desktop file by providing custom one. Also abbreviate long name to gpmdp.Brian Allred
2016-04-30Bump to 3.2.4Brian Allred
2016-04-17Bump to 3.2.1Brian Allred
2016-04-17Push to 3.2.0Brian Allred
2016-03-30Bump to 3.1.0.Brian Allred
2016-03-15Remove unnecessary Debian file. Fix permissions.Brian Allred
2016-03-14Bump to 3.0.1Brian Allred
2016-03-06bump versionAustin Paxton
2016-03-06added node deps, libnotifyAustin Paxton
2016-03-06first linux build, ver 3.0.0Austin Paxton