AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-12Release version 1.0.5-1Sven Greb
2020-11-12Update to upstream version 1.0.5Sven Greb
2020-11-12Ensure "$LDFLAGS" are expanded correctlySven Greb
2020-11-12Improve Go module compatiblitySven Greb
2020-11-12Build in PIE modeSven Greb
2020-11-12Replace "trimpath" GC+ASM flags with new "go build" flag "-trimpath"Sven Greb
2020-11-12Transfer maintenance to "in-person" account "svengreb"Arctic Ice Studio
2019-03-26Prepare initial AUR package release version 1.0.2-1Arctic Ice Studio