AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-08Updated to latest release v0.7.22Christopher Price
2020-05-10Updated to latest release v0.7.21: requires gapi-ocaml v0.3.19Christopher Price
2020-01-20Updated to latest release v0.7.17Christopher Price
2019-10-06Updated to latest release v0.7.13Christopher Price
2019-09-15Updated to latest release v0.7.11Christopher Price
2019-06-22Updated to latest release v0.7.4Christopher Price
2019-05-25Updated to latest release v0.7.3: Note requires ocamlfuse >= 2.7.1-cvs6 https...Christopher Price
2019-03-03Updated to latest release v0.7.1: Replace deprecated jbuilder references with...Christopher Price
2018-09-22Updated to latest release v0.7.0Christopher Price
2018-03-20Update static source to latest release v0.6.25Christopher Price
2018-03-20Updated to latest release v0.6.25Christopher Price
2018-02-02Support package rename: jbuilder -> duneChristopher Price
2018-01-26Updated to latest release v0.6.23: Switch build tool to jbuilderChristopher Price
2018-01-07Added missing depedency: ocaml-ounitChristopher Price
2018-01-02Updated to latest release v0.6.22Christopher Price
2017-08-17Fixed build process not installing executable into /usr/bin.Christopher Price
2017-08-16Updated to latest release v0.6.21Christopher Price
2017-06-03Updated to latest release v0.6.17Christopher Price
2017-01-12Updated to latest release version, now requires updated gapi-ocaml AUR package.Christopher Price
2016-11-17Fixed build process attempting writes directly to /usr/bin and added previous...Christopher Price
2016-11-17Updated .SRCINFOChristopher Price
2016-11-17Update to 0.5.25Christopher Price
2016-01-18Update to 0.5.22Moritz Lipp
2015-12-20Update to 0.5.21Moritz Lipp
2015-10-07Update to 0.5.18Moritz Lipp
2015-06-15Initial importMoritz Lipp