AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-22v3.3Kyle Sferrazza
2018-08-21v3.2Kyle Sferrazza
2017-10-21golly 3.1Kyle Sferrazza
2017-08-31version 3.0Kyle Sferrazza
2017-07-21gendesk not neededKyle Sferrazza
2017-07-06Now uses wxgtk package instead of bundling the sourceKyle Sferrazza
2017-07-02missing two makedepends packagesKyle Sferrazza
2017-06-19spacingKyle Sferrazza
2017-06-15don't commit packageKyle Sferrazza
2017-06-15latest golly, new maintainerKyle Sferrazza
2015-06-12Initial import of Golly 2.7 (A simulator for Conway's Game of Life and other ...Maks Verver