AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-29Update to version 1.9.3Miodrag Tokić
2021-03-24Update to version 1.9.2Miodrag Tokić
2021-03-24Update to version 1.9.1Miodrag Tokić
2021-01-24Update to version 1.9.0Miodrag Tokić
2020-10-24Update to version 1.8.6Miodrag Tokić
2020-10-24Update to version 1.8.5Miodrag Tokić
2020-09-28Update to version 1.8.3Miodrag Tokić
2020-09-28Update to version 1.8.2Miodrag Tokić
2020-08-07Change the project URLMiodrag Tokić
2020-08-01Update to version 1.8.1Miodrag Tokić
2020-07-06Update to version 1.8.0Miodrag Tokić
2020-04-09Change the system application name to "go-for-it"Miodrag Tokić
2019-09-03Update to version 1.7.3Miodrag Tokić
2019-05-06Update to version 1.7.2Miodrag Tokić
2019-03-26Update to version 1.7.1Miodrag Tokić
2019-03-26Get cmake options in line with the upstream documentationMiodrag Tokić
2019-03-26Update to version 1.7.0Miodrag Tokić
2019-03-12Update to version 1.6.11Miodrag Tokić
2019-02-26Update to version 1.6.10Miodrag Tokić
2019-02-26FormattingMiodrag Tokić
2019-01-15Update to version 1.6.9Miodrag Tokić
2019-01-15Update to version 1.6.8Miodrag Tokić
2019-01-15Update to version 1.6.7Miodrag Tokić
2019-01-15Update to version 1.6.6Miodrag Tokić
2019-01-15Take over package maintenanceMiodrag Tokić
2018-04-04pkgver: 1.6.5Quentin Retornaz
2017-12-26pkgver: 1.6.3Quentin Retornaz
2017-10-20go-for-it 1.6-1Quentin Retornaz
2017-05-06update makedeps vala to vala0.26Quentin Retornaz
2016-12-19go-for-it 1.5-1Quentin Retornaz
2016-11-29fix checksumQuentin Retornaz
2016-11-29go-for-it 1.4.7-3Quentin Retornaz
2016-08-23go-for-it 1.4.7-2Quentin Retornaz
2016-08-22go-for-it 1.4.7-1Quentin Retornaz
2016-03-27go-for-it 1.4.6Quentin Retornaz
2016-03-27updated download linkQuentin Retornaz
2016-03-27go-for-it 1.4.6-1Quentin Retornaz
2016-02-17go-for-it 1.4.5-1Quentin Retornaz
2015-12-17v1.4-2Quentin Retornaz
2015-12-17Go For It 1.4 releaseQuentin Retornaz