AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-03Bump pkgrel to include changes to makej.r
2020-11-03Change to use make for compiling/installingj.r
2020-11-03Add correct Maintainer/Contributor commentsj.r
2020-11-03Add gitignorej.r
2020-05-13Updated: 27GoliathLabs
2019-03-07Added maintainer detailsJugal Gala
2019-03-07Updated to v22Jugal Gala
2017-09-19Update to 21-1Maxim Andersson
2017-09-19Remove install fileMaxim Andersson
2017-03-03Update to 20-1Maxim Andersson
2017-01-31Update to 19-1Maxim Andersson
2016-12-21Update to 18-1Maxim Andersson
2016-10-31initial commitMaxim Andersson