AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-27fix AURMohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2018-10-10remove redundant rm line, because it's not how it worksMohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2018-10-09Removing install dir before installing a new versionOmid Mottaghi Rad
2018-10-09fix PKGBUILD and update for gnome 3.30Mohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2017-10-29update for new feature and change shell dependencies to 3.24Mohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2017-06-24update for new revisionMohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2017-04-27update for new changes in upstreamMohammadreza Abdollahzadeh
2017-04-26initial importMohammadreza Abdollahzadeh