AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-13Update to 20.0w version.Rod Kay
2019-06-23Update to 2019Rod Kay
2018-10-01Update to 2018 version.Rod Kay
2017-07-15Add patch to targparm.adbRod Kay
2017-07-06Bump package version to force update to gcc7Rod Kay
2016-07-25Add 'prepare_gnat_util' as a run-time dep and 'gprbuild' as a build dep.Rod Kay
2016-06-05Update to 2016 version.Rod Kay
2016-05-26Deleted 'pr66035.patch'.Rod Kay
2016-05-26Removed dependence on rebuild of GCC.Rod Kay
2015-12-13Updated SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2015-12-13Updated for gcc 5.3Rod Kay
2015-08-25Updated to match gcc 5.2.0Rod Kay
2015-08-01Updated SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2015-07-26Corrected depends.charlie5
2015-07-24Initial importcharlie5