AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11- Ruffwind
2019-01-13Disable plugins supportPhil Ruffwind
2018-12-310.12.3.1Phil Ruffwind
2018-12-21Use GHC 8.4.4 to compile gitit as temporary workaroundPhil Ruffwind
2018-10-100.12.3Phil Ruffwind
2018-03-04Add dependencies to sourcesPhil Ruffwind
2018-02-08Add mailcap (/etc/mime.types) to depsPhil Ruffwind
2018-02-04Work around incompatibility between MissingH and parsec Ruffwind
2018-02-04Add missing dependency (cabal-install)Phil Ruffwind
2017-12-13Fix Pandoc-Cabal incompatibilityPhil Ruffwind
2017-09-14Go back to cabal because stack can't install data filesPhil Ruffwind
2017-08-31Remove ncurses5-compat-libs from dependenciesPhil Ruffwind
2017-08- Ruffwind
2017-06-15Enable RTS options so users can disable idle-time GCPhil Ruffwind
2016-12-160.12.2Phil Ruffwind
2016-02-250.12.1Phil Ruffwind
2015-09-09Initial commitPhil Ruffwind