AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-30Updated PKGBUILDDarks
2020-09-21Updated to gint 2.1.1Darks
2020-08-23Updated to gint 2.1.0Darks
2020-06-02Added python-pillow as dependencyDarks
2020-06-01Switched to upstream branch of gintDarks
2020-05-10Switched to branch `compat` waiting for an official releaseDarks
2020-05-08Updated the source & compilation process, cleaned makefileDarks
2018-05-24r50 -> r55Jules Roumieux
2018-04-25Changed nameLouise
2018-04-25r43 -> r50Louise
2018-04-25r32 -> r43Louise
2017-01-23Modified pkgrelJules Roumieux
2017-01-23Added !stripJules Roumieux
2017-01-23Added dependenciesJules Roumieux
2017-01-23Corrected install folderJules Roumieux
2017-01-23First commitJules Roumieux