AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-02Add openmp to makedepends, bump versionPhilipp Wolfer
2018-05-31New upstream release 0.8.3Philipp Wolfer
2018-05-13Disabled video supportPhilipp Wolfer
2018-03-20Removed patch, was fixed upstreamPhilipp Wolfer
2018-03-20Patch for dynamically linking openmp supportPhilipp Wolfer
2018-02-05New upstream releasePhilipp Wolfer
2018-01-20Bump version due to new upstream releasePhilipp Wolfer
2018-01-08Bump versionPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-22Depend on gcc-libsPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-17Bumped for new upstream releasePhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-13New upstram releasePhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-05Enable openmpPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-05Build with video supportPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-04Build latest git revisionPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-04New upstream release 0.3.0Philipp Wolfer
2017-11-03Fixed upstream URLPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-03Initial release 0.1.0Philipp Wolfer