AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-21Update to 9.2.3Luke Street
2021-01-24Update to 9.2.2Luke Street
2020-12-22Update to 9.2.1Luke Street
2020-11-14Update .SRCINFOLuke Street
2020-11-14Update to 9.2Luke Street
2020-03-13Adopt packageLuke Street
2020-02-20Updated ghidra to 9.1.2Micah Halter
2019-12-249.1.1Jean Lucas
2019-11-029.1; don't install common licenseJean Lucas
2019-10-07Remove package variant conflicts; remove sha512sums (sha256 is enough); renam...Jean Lucas
2019-08-15Use raw GitHub links; update checksumsJean Lucas
2019-08-15Update URL; add symlink for headless mode; add desktop file; download/install...Jean Lucas
2019-05-249.0.4Jean Lucas
2019-05-04TypoJean Lucas
2019-05-03Add providesJean Lucas
2019-04-19Trim whitespaceJean Lucas
2019-04-06i686 is not supported, add bash to dependsJean Lucas
2019-04-05Remove python2 optdepend as Jython is already built-inJean Lucas
2019-04-05Initial commitJean Lucas