AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-15Update to v3.27Alex Merry
2020-06-28Update to 3.26, and make mojolicious requiredAlex Merry
2020-05-24Make perl-mojolicious optional, and add perl-cgi optional depAlex Merry
2020-02-01v3.25Alex Merry
2019-12-29v3.24Alex Merry
2019-12-02v3.23Alex Merry
2019-08-19v3.22Alex Merry
2019-07-14v3.21Alex Merry
2019-02-26v3.20Alex Merry
2019-02-24v3.19Alex Merry
2018-12-29Update to 3.18 and make perl-mojolicious a hard dependencyAlex Merry
2018-08-203.17Alex Merry
2018-07-05v3.16Alex Merry
2018-05-083.14Alex Merry
2018-03-253.13Alex Merry
2018-01-14Update to 3.12Alex Merry
2018-01-14Update to 3.11Alex Merry
2018-01-07Update to 3.10Alex Merry
2018-01-02Update to 3.09Alex Merry
2017-12-27Oops, forgot to update the .SRCINFOAlex Merry
2017-12-12Update to 3.07Alex Merry
2017-11-01Update to 3.06Alex Merry
2017-10-15v3.05Alex Merry
2017-10-05get_iplayer 3.04Alex Merry
2017-10-04Update to 3.03Alex Merry
2017-05-07Update to 3.01Alex Merry
2017-05-01Update to get_iplayer 3.00Alex Merry
2016-11-19Update to 2.97Alex Merry
2016-08-29Bump to v2.96Alex Merry
2016-07-19Update to 2.95Alex Merry
2015-10-20perl-xml-simple is now required.Alex Merry
2015-09-30Use github as the source.Alex Merry
2015-06-14Import from AURAlex Merry