AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysUpdated package versionThiago Franco de Moraes
6 daysFix gdcmviewer,gdcm2vtk,gdcm2pnm build.bartus
7 daysCompiling applications and added VTK as dependencyThiago Franco de Moraes
8 daysUpdate to 3.0.6Thiago Franco de Moraes
2019-05-28Update to 3.0.0Christopher Mullins
2018-12-16Update to 2.8.8Christopher Mullins
2017-10-27Update to 2.8.3Christopher Mullins
2017-07-01Fix openjpeg conflictChristopher Mullins
2017-06-29Update to 2.8.0Christopher Mullins
2017-03-18Update to 2.6.7Christopher Mullins
2016-11-11Update to 2.6.6Christopher Mullins
2016-09-09Increment pkgrel to 6Christopher Mullins
2016-09-07Update to v2.6.5Christopher Mullins
2016-07-29Fix cmake line to skip docbook.Christopher Mullins
2016-07-27Update to 2.6.4.Christopher Mullins
2016-03-03Fix patch locationChristopher Mullins
2016-02-29Update to 2.6.3.Christopher Mullins
2015-12-30Update to 2.6.2Christopher Mullins
2015-07-07Initial import, move to VTK 6.1, disable bindings (temporary)Andrzej Giniewicz