AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
25 hoursReplaced md5sums with sha256sumsAlphaJack
2 daysUpdated packageAlphaJack
2020-11-01Updated packageAlphaJack
2020-09-19Updated to 4.24.1AlphaJack
2020-09-02Tidied PKGBUILDAlphaJack
2020-09-01Packaging from pre-built .deb packageAlphaJack
2017-10-314.10.0 releaseMax
2017-04-18bump to 4.9.0Max
2017-01-09version bumpMax
2016-12-10version 4.7Max
2016-11-24version 4.6.0 bumpMax
2016-09-28add MIME infoMax
2016-09-27build from precompiled zipMax
2016-07-11git repo moved to githubMax
2016-05-13version 4.4.1 releaseMax
2016-02-01version 4.3 bumpMax
2016-01-02update to 4.2.0Max
2015-07-16new patch versionMax
2015-06-08Track .SRCINFOMax
2015-06-08version bumpMax
2015-06-08Don't (mis)use msg funcsMax
2015-06-08Update version and git tag namesMax
2015-06-08Bump pkgrelMax
2015-06-08Add sha256 sums. Why notMax
2015-06-08Arch no longer sets JAVA_HOMEMax
2015-06-08Replace comments and echos with msg2Max
2015-06-08Use src files from srcdir.Max
2015-06-08Forgot to pass args to jarMax
2015-06-08Add script, desktop file, patch to sourcesMax
2015-06-08Add .desktop, icon to packageMax
2015-06-08Fix icon path to use defaultMax
2015-06-08Add .desktop fileMax
2015-06-08Add Java version checks when building/runningMax
2015-06-08Reorder vars according to wikiMax
2015-06-08pkgdesc grammar changeMax
2015-06-08Require Java 8Max
2015-06-08Checkout specific version. rm unneeded $pkgver useMax
2015-06-08Fix find exclusionMax
2015-06-08Rewrite to build from sourceMax
2015-06-08Add script for starting appMax
2015-06-08Add patch for setting app homeMax
2015-06-08Use pkgname more, simplify build a bitMax
2015-06-08Improve description. GURPS RPG System is redundantMax
2015-06-08Copy whole srcdir to /usr/share, symlink binMax
2015-06-08Remove bundled JRE, symlink to default JREMax
2015-06-08Add Java as dependencyMax
2015-06-08Initial attempt at gcs PKGBUILDMax