AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-24update to version 3.2.5Stephan Springer
2021-04-24add .gitignoreStephan Springer
2020-01-06update to version 3.2.4Stephan Springer
2019-08-31update to version 3.2.3Stephan Springer
2019-08-27update to version 3.2.2Stephan Springer
2019-03-02update to version 3.2.1Stephan Springer
2019-02-12separate build directory from sourcesStephan Springer
2018-09-04- adoptStephan Springer
- update to 3.2.0 - switch to Python 3 and adjust dependencies
2017-06-11Update for version 3.1.0Davi da Silva Böger
2016-10-12Remove install script, update for version 3.0.3Davi da Silva Böger
2015-11-24Update for version 3.0.1Davi da Silva Böger
2015-08-07First commit to AUR4Davi da Silva Böger