AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysBump islver to 0.24Kevin Majewski
2021-03-15libdir 11.0.1Kevin Majewski
2021-01-06Update islver to 0.23 and fix libdirKevin Majewski
2020-07-14Bump pkgverKevin Majewski
2020-07-14Use latest git commitKevin Majewski
2019-10-12Hold commit to fcab78b9 (2019-10-01 18:21:31.) Otherwise, fails to build. T...James P. Harvey
2019-04-29Upstream bumped BASE-VER to 10.0.0, so must parse '_majorver' differently tha...James P. Harvey
2019-03-29Use isl 0.21 instead of isl 0.20.James P. Harvey
2019-03-29Remove these -git packages from groups base, base-devel, and multilib-devel.James P. Harvey
2018-12-28Upstream revision 267034 renamed 'install-gnatlib' to 'install-libada'.James P. Harvey
2018-12-16Bumped pkgver.James P. Harvey
2018-12-16Removed bz87672 patch, because upstream merged it.James P. Harvey
2018-10-21Upstream patch allows using current master again. Problem with 81512c36 repo...James P. Harvey
2018-10-21Use isl 0.20 instead of isl 0.19.James P. Harvey
2018-10-19... And the updated .SRCINFO.James P. Harvey
2018-10-19Fixed stragling references to non-git package namee, in license installations...James P. Harvey
2018-10-19In provides=(), not only give pkgver, but also pkgrel.James P. Harvey
2018-10-19Have to hold at commit 7961f4be (2018-09-25) for now. Upstream commit 81512c...James P. Harvey
2018-10-19Upstream revision 261304 removed libmpx, see inside PKGBUILD for references.James P. Harvey
2018-10-19_libdir needs to end in a #.#.# basever, without the git revision number or sha.James P. Harvey
2018-10-17There's an AUR package lib32-gcc-libs-git. AUR won't accept a push from me w...James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Add pkgver to provides, so core's packages can be properly replaced by pacman...James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Changed source to use upstream git master. Added git to makedepends. Update...James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Add note that this PKGBUILD is as close as possible to core's gcc 8.2.1+20180...James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Added non-git versions to each packages' provides=() and conflicts=().James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Removed replaces=(), which should never be in AUR.James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Updated pkgdesc.James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Replaced references to pkgname, where appropriate to instead refer to the -gi...James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Replaced references to pkgname, where appropriate to instead refer to the cor...James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Renamed package_().James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Renamed pkgname=() entries as -git.James P. Harvey
2018-10-17snapshot() is only used by core's maintainers, so removing it here.James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Added maintainer.James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Restarting with fork from core's gcc 8.2.1+20180831-1. .SRCINFO intentionall...James P. Harvey
2017-02-15Bumped pkgver, since last commit didn't pump pkgrelJames P. Harvey
2017-02-15Packages include _base_ver in their provides, so core's packages can be prope...James P. Harvey
2017-02-14Added namcap differencesJames P. Harvey
2017-02-14Parse _base_ver, _pkgver, and _libdir from gcc/BASE-VERJames P. Harvey
2017-02-14Use isl 0.18 rather than 0.16.1James P. Harvey
2017-02-14Use the github mirror rather than the official upstream git repo, because it ...James P. Harvey
2017-02-14Minimal changes to convert to the git versionJames P. Harvey
2017-02-14Restarting with fork from core's gcc 6.3.1-1James P. Harvey
2015-12-19pkgver bump, also excuse to get missing .SRCINFO in from last commitJames Harvey
2015-12-19Removed i686 unknown-linux to pc-linux workaround, as gcc code strangely only...James Harvey
2015-12-13Mirrored core's changes from 5.1.0-5 to 5.3.0-2, as much as possible. Remove...James Harvey
2015-07-19builds from master rather than commit 12dcc3b7 (2015-07-01 02:15:32 UTC) - de...James Harvey
2015-07-07Removed offensive comma in depends listJames Harvey
2015-07-07Uses upstream gdb master (temporarily 2015-07-01 source - see PKGBUILD commen...James Harvey