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2020-04-27upgpkg: fselect 0.6.10-1asm0dey
2020-03-10upgpkg: fselect 0.6.9-1asm0dey
2020-02-04Upstream releaseasm0dey
2019-11-13upgpkg: fselect 0.6.7-1asm0dey
2019-10-16upgpkg: fselect 0.6.6-1asm0dey
2019-09-10upgpkg: fselect 0.6.5-1asm0dey
2019-06-05I am sorry (
2019-03-15Apparently works-for-me is a crappy excuse. (
2019-03-08Commit committed (
2019-02-09If it's hacky and you know it clap you hands (clap clap)! (http://whatthecomm...asm0dey
2019-01-05derp, helper method rename (
2018-11-29I am sorry (
2018-11-09someone fails and it isn't me (
2018-10-09things occurred (
2018-08-13Bump version to 0.4.4asm0dey
2018-08-12Bump version to 0.4.3asm0dey
2018-07-21Update package versionasm0dey
2018-06-02Bump version to 0.4.1asm0dey
2018-03-18Removes obsolete license downloadasm0dey
2018-03-17Replaces mv with installasm0dey
2018-03-17Adds conflict with fselect-gitasm0dey
2018-03-08Version bump to 0.3.2asm0dey
2018-03-06Initial versionasm0dey