AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-08-06increment pkgrel; replace alacryd w/ install-distAndy Weidenbaum
export RAKUDO_LOG_PRECOMP=1 export RAKUDO_RERESOLVE_DEPENDENCIES=0 perl6-install-dist \ --to="$pkgdir/usr/share/perl6/vendor" \ --for=vendor \ --from=. Thanks to Jonathon Fernyhough for figuring this out. Had just about given up on installing p6 pkgs system wide on arch.
2016-05-13rm /usr/share/perl6/vendor/versionAndy Weidenbaum
2016-03-05do not del short p6 dirAndy Weidenbaum
2016-02-27increment pkgrel to 2; s/shoichikaji/skajiAndy Weidenbaum
2016-02-27fix precomp grepAndy Weidenbaum
2016-02-23simplify precomp grep, credit spider-marioAndy Weidenbaum
2016-01-25Initial importAndy Weidenbaum