AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-08Add dependency on freeswitch-core.David Matson
2016-10-28Clarify package description.David Matson
2016-10-28Return to current source.David Matson
2016-10-28Actually document original source in repository history.David Matson
2016-10-28Restore fixed description for zh-hk-48000.David Matson
2016-10-28Update .SRCINFO.David Matson
2016-10-28Actually return to current source.David Matson
2016-10-28Return to current source.David Matson
2016-10-28Document original, non-split package in repository history.David Matson
2016-10-28Enable package previously present in other repository.David Matson
2016-10-28Fix pkgsums to match commented-out source.David Matson
2016-10-27Fix description for zh-hk-48000.David Matson
2016-10-27Add initial package.David Matson