AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-04update srcinfoFélix Piédallu
2021-01-04Add patches for boost 1.75.0. Remove deprecation warnings.Félix Piédallu
2020-12-15Fix /usr/share files installationFélix Piédallu
2020-12-15Fix build ; will cleanup install files when i'm sure the rest worksFélix Piédallu
2019-03-18WIP -- may need to uncomment some thingsFélix Piédallu
2018-10-17Fix patches that were fixed upstreamFélix Piédallu
2018-09-21Fix symlink, install dirs.Félix Piédallu
2018-09-21Fix install directoriesFélix Piédallu
2018-09-21Add symlink in bindirFélix Piédallu
2018-09-21Add temporary patch for git bugsFélix Piédallu
2018-09-21Fix depnedenciesFélix Piédallu
2018-09-21Initial commit, not workingFélix Piédallu