AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-16upgpkg: franz-bin 5.7.0-1Óscar García Amor
2020-11-17upgpkg: franz-bin 5.6.1-1Óscar García Amor
2020-11-15upgpkg: franz-bin 5.6.0-1Óscar García Amor
2020-04-30upgpkg: franz-bin 5.5.0-2Óscar García Amor
2019-12-11upgpkg: franz-bin 5.4.1-2Óscar García Amor
2019-10-31upgpkg: franz-bin 5.4.1-1Óscar García Amor
2019-10-23upgpkg: franz-bin 5.4.0-1Óscar García Amor
2019-09-18upgpkg: franz-bin 5.3.3-1Óscar García Amor
2019-09-08upgpkg: franz-bin 5.3.1-1Óscar García Amor
2019-07-22upgpkg: franz-bin 5.2.0-1Óscar García Amor
2019-04-26upgpkg: franz-bin 5.1.0-1Óscar García Amor
2019-03-26Updated to 5.0.1Óscar García Amor
2019-02-16Updated to 5.0.0Óscar García Amor
2019-02-04Updated .SRCINFOÓscar García Amor
2019-02-04Updated to 5.0.0-beta.24Óscar García Amor
2018-12-14Updated to 5.0.0-beta.22Óscar García Amor
2018-12-13Updated .SRCINFOÓscar García Amor
2018-12-13Updated to 5.0.0-beta.21Óscar García Amor
2018-12-06Updated to 5.0.0-beta.20Óscar García Amor
2018-12-03Updated to 5.0.0-beta.19Óscar García Amor
2018-10-13Added missing dependencies and PKGBUILD rewriteÓscar García Amor
2018-04-12version 5.0.0-beta18 [master]Utsob Roy
2018-03-26version 5.0.0-beta17 [master]Utsob Roy
2018-03-26version 5.0.0-beta17 [master]Utsob Roy
2018-03-26version 5.0.0-beta17 [master]Utsob Roy
2017-11-16Add gconf as dependencyMarc.Jose
2017-11-10Add git and python2 to makedependsMarc.Jose
2017-11-07Update to v5.0.0-beta.13Marc.Jose
2017-11-05Update to v5.0.0-beta.12Marc.Jose
2017-11-05Update to v5.0.0-beta.11Marc.Jose
2017-01-23Update source URLMarc Jose
2016-09-16Fixed theme issueAndrom
2016-09-12Fixed .desktop fileMordna
2016-09-11Added second maintainer and license infoAndrom
2016-09-10Initial commit/(v4.0.4(beta)Marc Jose