AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-12pkgver() must not produce any superfluous output.Tilman Blumenbach
2016-11-07Revert all the misguided pacaur workarounds.Tilman Blumenbach
2016-11-07Work around bug in mksrcinfo.Tilman Blumenbach
2016-11-07Work around pkgver()-related bug in pacaur.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-08-13Only redownload data file if necessary.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-08-13pkgver() cannot generate abort the build on errors, so just show warnings.Tilman Blumenbach
2015-08-13Download newest data file from author's website.Tilman Blumenbach
2013-09-28Added some of my AUR packagesTilman Blumenbach