AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-02Update hash and folder name to handle upstream name changes.John-Michael Mulesa
2021-03-16Fix checksum.John-Michael Mulesa
2021-03-16Update to 27.4.John-Michael Mulesa
2021-03-13Update to 27.3.John-Michael Mulesa
2020-07-24Update to latest release.John-Michael Mulesa
2020-07-04Backport libplist workaround to fix builds.John-Michael Mulesa
2020-05-24Work around linker multiple definition issue.John-Michael Mulesa
2020-02-12Update to 27.1.John-Michael Mulesa
2019-12-04Fix websockets configure argument.John-Michael Mulesa
2019-12-03Fix package hash.John-Michael Mulesa
2019-12-03Update to latest upstream.John-Michael Mulesa
2019-04-01Update to 26.5.John-Michael Mulesa
2018-12-31Update to 26.4.John-Michael Mulesa
2018-06-22Remove empty /var/run folder from package.John-Michael Mulesa
2018-06-22Update forked-daapd to 26.2.John-Michael Mulesa
2018-04-06Enable websockets support.John-Michael Mulesa
2018-02-26Remove invalid/deprecated avahi config file. This should fix issues ↵John-Michael Mulesa
advertising the server to iTunes.
2018-02-25Update to new upstream release.John-Michael Mulesa
2017-09-03Add missing json-c dependency.John-Michael Mulesa
2017-08-23Add libsodium dependency.John-Michael Mulesa
2017-08-13Clean up PKGBUILD.John-Michael Mulesa
2017-08-12Update package to release 25.0.John-Michael Mulesa
2017-06-05Backport build fix from ↵John-Michael Mulesa
until there's a new release.
2017-01-11Update to 24.2.John-Michael
2016-06-28Add compatible ARM architectures.John-Michael Mulesa
2016-06-11Switch make dependency to java-runtime-headlessJohn-Michael Mulesa
2016-06-05Initial import of updated forked-daapd package into the new AUR.John-Michael Mulesa