AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-28Remove slight mess in prepare()Tyler Swagar
2020-10-28Add workaround for CourierStd in very kludgy patchTyler Swagar
2017-10-08Add gelasio and give tip about config fileTyler Swagar
2017-05-19Replace dead upstream linkTyler Swagar
2017-01-28t1-cursor-ib is included in xorg-fonts-misc.Juraj Fiala
2017-01-15Added config.Juraj Fiala
2017-01-10Update for new AUR packages.Juraj Fiala
2017-01-09Bump pkgrel.Juraj Fiala
2017-01-09Quintessential now in AUR (thanks!).Juraj Fiala
2017-01-08Allow using Infinality fonts that aren't available to install from elsewhere.Juraj Fiala
2017-01-08Initial commit.Juraj Fiala