AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-04Semantical fixXavier
2019-05-04Further housekeeping.Xavier
2019-05-04Source info updated.Xavier
2019-05-04Bump to 66.0.3, some housekeeping, and miscellaneous changes & fixes.Xavier
2017-03-20Bump to Firefox 52.0.1 ESR, printout regarding branch swap and future discont...Xavier
2017-03-07Bump to 52.0Xavier
2017-01-30Push to 51.0.1, unnecessary patch removed, and dependency updatesXavier
2016-12-13Bump to 50.1.0Xavier
2016-11-29Bump to 50.0.1Xavier
2016-11-14Bump to 50.0Xavier
2016-10-21Bump to 49.0.2Xavier
2016-09-20Bump to 49.0 - removal of GTK3.20 patch - issue with GTK3.2x is presumed to b...Xavier
2016-08-20Bump to 48.0.1Xavier
2016-08-09More housekeeping.Xavier
2016-08-09Some housekeepingXavier
2016-08-09Revert changesXavier
2016-08-09Symbolic link change of name; compatibility maintained to old symbolic link.Xavier
2016-08-09Removal of redundant commentXavier
2016-08-09Initial CommitXavier