AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-18Add gitignorej.r
2020-09-18Update SRCINFO to 1.5j.r
2020-09-18Update to version 1.5j.r
2020-09-18Remove conflict that is not neededj.r
2020-09-18Update maintainer to j.rj.r
2020-02-25Change text in .SRCINFO tooPolyWolf
2020-02-25Take ownershipPolyWolf
2020-01-11Update to 1.4Narrat
2017-06-14Update srcinfo to Firebird v1.3 (woops)osvein
2017-06-14Update to Firebird v1.3osvein
2017-02-18Update to Firebird v1.2osvein
2016-02-19Update to v0.30osvein
2015-09-18Fix pathosvein
2015-09-18Remove quotes surrounding descriptionosvein
2015-09-18Initial importosvein