AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-20UPD check sumsRoman Vasilev
2019-09-20Path to java8 fixedRoman Vasilev
2019-09-20Build dependancies fixedRoman Vasilev
2018-11-13No real changes, no version bump, only post-install message updatedRoman
2018-11-12Added notice about current version in descriptionRoman
2018-10-05Nothing changedRoman
2018-10-05Source not availible on SourceForge, looks like the author removed it. File r...Roman
2018-04-15main source mirroredmax.bra
2018-03-25Previous official 4.7.9Roman
2017-06-10md5sum mismatch, again.max.bra
2017-06-07md5sum mismatchmax.bra
2017-04-03v. 4.7.9max.bra
2017-02-20ver. 4.7.8max.bra
2017-01-17new jna restore way, againmax.bra
2017-01-13jna access restored IImax.bra
2017-01-12jna access restored. no more any arch. x86, x86_64 and armv7h only.max.bra
2017-01-06disabled GVFSmax.bra
2017-01-05v. 4.7.7max.bra
2016-11-25ver. 4.7.5max.bra
2016-08-11ver. 4.7.2max.bra
2016-08-03openjfx warningmax.bra
2016-08-01ver. 4.7.1max.bra
2016-07-19better home paths managementsmax.bra
2016-05-02v. 4.7max.bra
2016-03-13several adjustments from upstream (e.g. Apache common VFS is now used for arc...max.bra
2015-11-22ver. 4.6.1max.bra
2015-06-08Initial importmax.bra