AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-22Temporarily disable cuda-sdk due to upstream build errorDaniel Bermond
2019-01-04depends: switch xavs2-git to xavs2 and libmysofa to libmysofa-gitDaniel Bermond
2018-12-12depends: switch dav1d-git to dav1dDaniel Bermond
2018-11-21Temporarily disable libsmbclient due to upstream bugDaniel Bermond
2018-11-19Change source to httpsDaniel Bermond
2018-11-17depends: switch davs2-git to davs2Daniel Bermond
2018-11-10Various changesDaniel Bermond
2018-10-17Update conflictsDaniel Bermond
2018-10-15Remove makepkg internal function. Clean provides and conflicts.Daniel Bermond
2018-08-17depends: change libdavs2-git to davs2-git (package was renamed)Daniel Bermond
2018-08-10Add back libvmaf (compile error was fixed by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2018-08-10depends: fix lv2 dependencyDaniel Bermond
2018-07-28New upstream options: --enable-liblensfun and --enable-libdavs2Daniel Bermond
2018-07-21Temporarily disable libvmaf due to compile errorDaniel Bermond
2018-06-27depends: switch libaom to aom (aom is now in official repositories)Daniel Bermond
2018-06-26depends: switch aom-git to libaomDaniel Bermond
2018-06-16Explicitly disable mbedtlsDaniel Bermond
2018-06-16Remove -lpthread from --extra-libsDaniel Bermond
2018-06-16depends: change dependencies for opencl and openglDaniel Bermond
2018-06-05New upstream option: --enable-libtensorflowDaniel Bermond
2018-05-12New upstream option: --enable-vapoursynthDaniel Bermond
2018-05-09makedepends_x86_64: switch back vmaf-git to vmafDaniel Bermond
2018-05-09depends: change xlib dependencies to match uptream changesDaniel Bermond
2018-05-02depends_x86_64: remove nvidia-utils (now provided by cuda)Daniel Bermond
2018-04-20pkgdesc: update description to match official repositoriesDaniel Bermond
2018-04-16Move intel-media-sdk from makedepends_x86_64 to depends_x86_64Daniel Bermond
2018-04-15makedepends: switch libmfx to intel-media-sdkDaniel Bermond
2018-03-30New upstream options: --enable-libaom and --enable-libsrtDaniel Bermond
2018-03-13Temporarily disable libopencv due to upstream compile errorDaniel Bermond
2018-03-07Readd libflite by using the improved flite1-patched packgeDaniel Bermond
2018-03-06Correctly disable libvmaf on i686 buildsDaniel Bermond
2018-03-06libvmaf: move vmaf from makedepends to makedepends_x86_64Daniel Bermond
2018-03-06Improve options for i686Daniel Bermond
2018-03-05Upstream option rename: --enable-cuda to --enable-ffnvcodecDaniel Bermond
2018-02-27makedepends: add ffnvcodec-headers to match upstream changesDaniel Bermond
2018-02-25New upstream option: --enable-libcodec2Daniel Bermond
2018-02-12Add NewTek's libndi to the build (with --enable-libndi_newtek)Daniel Bermond
2018-02-12makedepends: switch libvmaf-git to vmaf-git (package was renamed)Daniel Bermond
2018-02-03depends: switch back zimg-git to zimgDaniel Bermond
2017-12-26New upstream options: --enable-{lv2,nvdec,v4l2-m2m}Daniel Bermond
2017-12-22depends: temporarily switch libvmaf to libvmaf-gitDaniel Bermond
2017-12-06depends: temporarily switch zimg to zimg-gitDaniel Bermond
2017-11-09Fix build in i686 architectureDaniel Bermond
2017-11-09Disable rpathDaniel Bermond
2017-11-02Disable openssl (upstream now prevents using gnutls + openssl)Daniel Bermond
2017-10-24New upstream option: --enable-rkmppDaniel Bermond
2017-10-24Upstream option switch: --enable-jack to --enable-libjackDaniel Bermond
2017-10-24Temporarily disable libflite due to flite1 package issueDaniel Bermond
2017-10-15cuda 9.0 rebuildDaniel Bermond
2017-10-11New upstream options: --enable-libxml2 and --enable-libdrmDaniel Bermond