AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-19Updated MaintainerParagoumba
2021-01-03Refactored PKGBUILDcaltlgin
2020-11-26Add systemd to makedepends arraycaltlgin
2020-11-25Update to v8.0caltlgin
2019-08-05New maintainer; bump version to match upstream (7.2)Kaio Augusto de Camargo
2018-11-07Updated package versionKyle
2018-01-13version 7.0Kyle
2016-02-01Conflicts and provides are now arrays, thanks to z3ntu for the patch.Kyle
2016-01-05Updated to version 6.0. Thanks to mib1982 for the PKGBUILD fix that compiles ...Kyle
2016-01-05The newest release version fails to build. Reverted to build version 5.0.Kyle
2016-01-05Updated version releasedKyle
2015-08-26Initial submissionKyle