AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-17License changed to MITPeter Hofmann
2018-06-11RollbackPeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Upstream has moved and changed licensePeter Hofmann
2015-06-14Bump pkgverPeter Hofmann
2014-02-08explain: Ported to Python 3, remove old symlinkPeter Hofmann
2013-11-15Bump $pkgver of git packagesPeter Hofmann
2013-11-15Add $provides and $conflicts to all git packagesPeter Hofmann
2013-06-30explain: Binary has been renamedPeter Hofmann
2013-04-05Update all PKGBUILDs for pacman 4.1Peter Hofmann
2012-10-27explain: Install symlink "explain" to "".Peter Hofmann
2012-03-02explain: Install manpage.Peter Hofmann
2012-01-24Initial: Copied all existing PKGBUILDs.Peter Hofmann