AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-08corrected extra items not needed in patch filenemesys
2020-08-08updated to fix code that was not longer valide for C++11 and greaternemesys
2020-08-06remove libgif and openexr because it breaks the buildfabolhak
2019-06-11fix for perl 5.30haawda
2018-08-06change perl pathhaawda
2017-11-11correct install path for perl modulehaawda
2017-10-27remove not working stuff, fix dependencieshaawda
2017-08-08Really fix types overload by using patch stolen from DebianMichał Lisowski
2017-08-08Trying to fix types mismatch reported by kashifMichał Lisowski
2017-02-19Add -syntax.patchMichał Lisowski
2016-12-12Update to 0.9.2Michał Lisowski
2016-08-29Forgot about .SRCINFO :-(Michał
2016-08-29Do not override original CXXFLAGSMichał
2016-08-29Initial commitMichał