AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-23back to 3.37.7Jose Augusto
2020-09-21update to 3.38Jose Augusto
2020-08-23update to 3.36.7 and adding new conflictJose Augusto
2020-07-01update to 3.36.6Jose Augusto
2020-06-13update to 3.36.5Jose Augusto
2020-06-12update to 3-37.2Jose Augusto
2020-04-01Update to 3.36Jose Augusto
2019-11-25update to 3.35Jose Augusto
2019-10-15update versionJose Augusto
2019-10-15update versionJose Augusto
2019-10-15update source againJose Augusto
2019-10-15update sourceJose Augusto
2019-10-09fix pkgrelJose Augusto
2019-10-09update to 3.34.1Jose Augusto
2019-08-17update pkgbuildJose Augusto
2019-06-22just testingJose Augusto
2019-06-21just testingJose Augusto
2019-06-21just testingJose Augusto
2019-06-21just testing my aur helper, nothing changeJose Augusto
2019-06-21just testing my aur helper, nothing changeJose Augusto
2019-06-21just testing my aur helper, nothing changeJose Augusto
2019-03-31update SRCINFOJose Augusto
2019-03-31update to 3.32Jose Augusto
2019-02-21Update evince-light versionJose Augusto
2019-02-12Update to version 3.31.90Jose Augusto
2019-01-25update .SRCINFOJose Augusto
2019-01-25update versionJose Augusto
2018-10-21Update to ver 3.31Jose Augusto
2018-09-17Update .SRCINFOJosé Augusto
2018-09-17Update PKGBUILDJosé Augusto
2018-09-16Update pkg to 3.30José Augusto
2018-04-10upgpkg: evince-light 3.28.2-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2018-03-25Fix nautilus case dependencyBruno Pagani
2018-03-25upgpkg: evince-light 3.28.0-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2017-09-18Fix Nautilus extensionBruno Pagani
2017-09-18Revamp PKGBUILD with the acquired knowledgeBruno Pagani
gtk-doc and gobject-introspection are mostly build-time changes that are useful in most cases (though I’m not sure what might use gir from evince). Also add ability to enable Nautilus extension, even though it does not appear to be working.
2017-09-18upgpkg: evince-light 3.26.0-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2017-08-06upgpkg: evince-light 3.24.1-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2017-04-26upgpkg: evince-light 3.24.0-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2017-03-05Remove unneeded gnome-icon-theme dependencyBruno Pagani
2017-01-03Change PKGBUILD workfow.Bruno Pagani
Update thanks to @kazuo advice: use variables to control the build options. TIFF, Previewer and Thumbnailer are now off by default. Multimedia option is added.
2016-12-22Fix wrong pkgbase use, improve PKGBUILDBruno Pagani
Make use of https. Clean some bits.
2016-10-12upgpkg: evince-light 3.22.1-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2016-09-22upgpkg: evince-light 3.22.0-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2016-08-18upgpkg: evince-light 3.20.1-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2016-04-27upgpkg: evince-light 3.20.0-2Bruno Pagani
Remove .install, superseded by pacman hooks.
2016-04-09upgpkg: evince-light 3.20.0-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2015-11-13upgpkg: evince-light 3.18.2-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release + build PDF support by default for now
2015-10-08upgpkg: evince-light 3.18.0-1Bruno Pagani
upstream release
2015-06-123.16.1-2 : Fix FS#44608Bruno Pagani