AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
14 dayschanging VER taggingGiorgio Gilestro
2020-05-01Enabling avahi-daemon by defaultggilestro
2020-03-03Adding dependency to python cherootGiorgio Gilestro
2019-10-13Changed the python installation to develop and moved to the install script ↵ggilestro
from the PKGBUILD (develop takes no root option)
2019-10-04Reverting develop to install because the --root option is not supportedggilestro
2019-10-04Fixing package sourcingggilestro
2019-09-26Changing installation type to developggilestro
2019-07-11added dependency to zeroconfggilestro
2019-07-02Changed data directoriesggilestro
Enabled NTP service at install Stop services at removal
2019-07-02Changed default data directoriesggilestro
2019-07-02Repeating the pip install process in the post install hookggilestro
Adding hostname to the /etc/hosts file
2019-07-02added SRCINFOggilestro
2019-07-02added ethoscope_videos as resulting folderggilestro
2019-07-02replace SRCINFOggilestro
2019-07-02removing base-devel from dependenciesggilestro
2019-07-02Fixed some needed dependenciesggilestro
2019-06-25Changing hostname on nodeggilestro
2019-06-24Added cleaning at removalggilestro
2019-06-24first package commitggilestro